Sunday, December 16


A True Best-Friend is someone to…

• laugh with when needed
• cry with during tough times
• ignore me
• apologize to when I’ve done wrong
• make my day
• feel sorry for me
• point out my mistakes
• tell me they’re not worth it
• make me shut up when I say something
• tell me an easier way
• help me find a snowball to bury a friend in
• make sure I’m safe and secure
• encourage me
• listen to me
• be scared with
• act silly with after a long day
• sing with for hours
• share my secrets with
• chase after little ones
• stick like glue to
• keep me in line
• tell amazing stories to
• read together with
• tease about someone
• give up something so I’m happy
• tell secrets to
• help me
• be excited together
• talk to at late hours
• listen to rant
• spend endless hours talking to
• love me for who I am
• love
• be my best-friend
© 2012 Jenneniah Olmstead
Do you have a best friend?
If you have a best friend, they may be a girl, a guy, your sister, your brother, your dad, you mom, your aunt, your uncle, or even your grandparents. No matter who it is, be glad you have them. You will never know anyone like them.
And if you don’t think you have a best-friend, remember that you do! His name is Jesus Christ and He loves you more than you can imagine!

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