Catching Fireflies

Back cover:
Chloe Rebekah thinks the last month of the year has to be the best 31 days ever and she knows exactly how to make it happen.
Have her entire family together for most of the month. And that doesn’t mean just her immediate family. No, she wants her mom, Leah’s, extended family: All 7 of her mom’s siblings, their spouses, and all 36 of their kids, plus Leah’s parents.
It’s the third week in November and so far Chloe’s family reunion is coming together perfectly. So far, 4 families have arrived and 4 more are getting ready to show up, all staying at Chloe’s Gramps and Gran’s house.
Can Chloe survive being with all these people for over a month, or will her pan backfire on her? How many hospital trips will be made through the month? How will Chloe cope when her brother decides he’s going to move to Alberta with his wife?
And how on earth did over a hundred fireflies get under the girls’ bathroom cabinet down on the second floor?
 This is the book I'm working on right now. About 20,000 words in. What do ya think?

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