Monday, December 17


I made a list of qualifications for me about the kind of guy I should be looking for. I've made some mistakes recently, and had I had this list before, it would have helped me a lot. Some of the points can be altered, but there are some that can't be. Always make sure, girls, that the guy you go for is saved and even if he says he is, watch, because he may not be and just saying he is to get to you.

The bottom part are ones that I have for just me. The ones up on the first section are ones that all girls should think of.

®       Will love God MORE than me
®       Must love and respect my family
®       Will not lie or manipulate me
®       Will be my best-friend
®       Will keep studying me. High-school Degree, College Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctorate. (Fireproof)
®       Will pray and read the Bible with me
®       Must love me for who I am
®       Must respect and listen to me
®       Must prove himself
®       Must seek council and listen to other’s
®       Will make me laugh and smile even when I don’t want to
®       Will make me happy almost all the time
®       Will do everything to help me reach my dreams
®       Must love kids
®       Will sing with me
®       Will play with my hair
®       Will be tall
®       Will like country music
®       Will want to take spur of the moment trips
®       Will watch movies late at night with me
®       Will make me hot chocolate
®       Will want to read what I write
®       Will want to cook/bake with me
®       Will not want a lot of animals
®       Will have a license/own a vehicle/know how to drive
®       Will not be camera shy

If you can think of more, feel free to comment. I'd love to hear what all you think. And if you're a Christian guy, this should help you. :)

***(And, thank you to the guy who took my advice and showed the girl this blog and got the girl! You two are awesome and can't wait to talk more! Remember to keep Christ the center of it all!)

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