Friday, December 14

Team Work

So, Tuesday was the last youth for me until the new year. We played one of my favorite games.

Imagine this:
6 people lined up about a foot from the wall on 2 separate walls. They all spread out and hold hands. (I know. Worst part of the game.) The person at the front of each line holds a hula hoop. The games leader yells go. Each team has to get through the hula-hoop without letting go of the person beside them's hand. Once the hoop is over, you let go of the person's hand and run to the end of the line and take that person's hand. First team to get all the way to the other end of the gym repeating this wins.

You can play this same game by being in a circle too. You just have to count how many times around you do it.

We played this at youth this past week. It was all about working together.

The first game we played though, was even better.

Picture this:
A 5 year old back to back with a 6 foot 13 year old, and a 4 year old back to back with a 6 foot 16 year old. Put a huge bouncy ball in between them and get them to link arms. Can it happen? No, it can't. Example: Don't be unequally yoked. They couldn't link arms because one was about 3 times bigger than the other. That image will stick in everyone's head for a long time.

Now, excitement:
We had pizza and pop and we had fun!

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